Beginning with post-processing Paravis module in Salome-Meca

This post presents some useful tricks to get started with Salome-Meca Pavavis module (or Paraview). Let's assume you already have followed this tutorial or by another way, got a Code_Aster rmed result file open in Paravis. Deformed Shape As shown in previous posts, it is possible to show the displacement field as a magnitude scalar … Continue reading Beginning with post-processing Paravis module in Salome-Meca

Install Salome on Windows

This post shows how to install the salome-platform package on Windows. The same method can be applied to install Salome-Meca for Windows package available in our download page. For Code_Aster Windows standalone package installation, follow this post. Install Salome for windows Download Salome for windows from the official salome-platform download page. Execute the downloaded file. … Continue reading Install Salome on Windows