5 thoughts on “A fix for Salome-Meca 2019 “Error on Save”

  1. Thanks Maxilien, this bug was a real bummer.
    Any chance you got to fix the bug with the interactive selection of GROUP_MA? There seemed to be some issue in asterstudy\gui\parameterpanel\views.py, line 2006. The structures of items in ‘names’ differs from a group to another : sometimes it has three items (name, size, occurs) but sometimes only two (name, size). It results in an error message.


    1. Hello Victor, thanks for you feedback! We don’t have time to investigate on it but since it is pure python, you can try to adapt the code and re-launch Salome. Let us know it you solve this we will be glad to integrate your contribution 🙂


      1. Maximilen,

        That is what I did. Here is the code to include at line 2006 :

        #for name, size, occurs in names:
        for grp in names:#
        if len(grp)==2:#

        Kind of fix the problem, even if not perfect.


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