ParaView 5.9 with MED support

Previous version of Paraview with med support have been released before. One can notice that salome-meca 2021 is shipped with a launcher “run_paraview.bat”.

run_paraview launcher in salome-meca 2021

Double click on it will open a Paraview instance with MED support, without having to launch Salome.

Paraview 5.9 with med support from Salome package

This version of Paraview has been entirely rebuild by Salome team and may suit most user needs.

But for those already using official Paraview version from Kitware and want to add MED support on it, you can follow the tutorial below.

Dowload Paraview from Kitware

Go to Paraview download page and download version 5.9 zip package for Windows.

Paraview 5.9 download

Unzip content on disk.

Paraview 5.9 content

Add MED support

Download paraview-5.9_salome_plugin. This archive, available at our download page, contains the minimum files to get MED support. Dlls come from Salome 9.9 binary package, hdf5 and med have been rebuild to solve some compatibility issues.

Unzip the content into your Paraview 5.9 installation

Paraview 5.9 with MED support

That’s it! Double click on paraview-med.bat. Now your official Paraview is able to open MED files.

Open med file with Paraview 5.9

You may also use advanced features like Python interface reader, with pvpython and pvbatch.

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