Code_Aster binaries are available for 64-bit Windows systems and have been validated by running QA tests on Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Server (might also work on other platforms).

Code_Aster 13.3 for Windows

MD5: 836f5d96fa33fbfa91c6277a14600574 Size: 164314513

Alternative download link

You can check using WinMD5, that the MD5 value of the downloaded archive is correct. The archive includes a README file, that can help to install Code_Aster on Windows.

In association with a graphical user interface such as Salome or Gmsh, Code_Aster can provide a complete solution. You can find an example to start using Code_Aster with Salome on Windows. As an alternative to Salome on Windows. We provide here a ParaView version with Med support.

Paraview 5.1 Med for Windows

MD5: c22d63215e9c66f8d48632e10e5f5dfd Size: 323918492

This post demonstrate how to use ParaView Med on Windows.