Salome-Meca and Code_Aster stable binaries are available for 64-bit Windows systems. Code_Aster has been validated by running QA Code_Aster database on Windows 10 (might also still work on Windows 7, 8, 8.1). Please consult the FAQ before reporting bugs. You can use WinMD5, to check integrity of downloaded archives.

Salome-Meca for Windows (prepost graphical solution+solver)

Download Salome-Meca 2021 w64 MD5: 3545adaa0352a063c27f8723543c325d
Size: 2453066151
Download Salome-Meca 2019 w64 FIX MD5: df077fc4b5a492f4d750e1dfb191e4d4
Size: 1443596295
Download Salome-Meca 2018 win64 MD5: 79aaf4638450d49aa0e825b7e4840430
Size: 1285936214
Download Salome-Meca 2017 win64 MD5: ec48d8fb013bea6cec721b9fd5187e12
Size: 1304075650

Follow the AsterStudy tutorial to begin with Salome-Meca on Windows.

You may also look at this post for installer instructions. For v2021, you must also install msi package available below.

Code_Aster for Windows (solver only)

Download Code_Aster 2021 msi MD5: 4262c321a390d052d611a581933171cd
Size: 195895403
Download Code_Aster 2019 win64 MD5: c05932eb7fb1494e300dde9b7ad65b42
Size: 203510098
Download Code_Aster 2018 win64 MD5: e89bfb3ea524a03833620d6949e73551
Size: 299511489
Download Code_Aster 2017 win64 MD5: 05b0d5ebed834939adfa5644ea2d4717
Size: 154471234

Follow the Code_Aster installation tutorial to check your installation. The archive also includes a README file that may help.

Paraview Med for Windows (lightweight graphical solution)

Download Paraview 5.9 Med plugin MD5: f371f9134958ad741dd36f86e7f3b864
Size: 4864804
Download Paraview 5.6 Med win64 MD5: c6851d5d950d57e2cc26597695a99756
Size: 363197205
Download Paraview 5.1 Med-3.3.1 MD5: 2850317cfa3b7f1efaa08c1eedf89360
Size: 393611914

Start with Paraview and Med tutorial to get an overview of ParaView capabilities as a post-processing alternative to Salome-Meca.

Vega for Windows (finite element format converter)

Download Vega 2.4 win64 MD5: e0aa181d193c5a1f2cc2ba7d7caee6f7
Size: 15605871

Vega convertor is designed to automatically convert commercial FEA format to Code_Aster syntax. The convert Nastran to Code_Aster tutorial shows a short overview of this tool capabilities.