Salome-Meca 2017: AsterStudy module

With the latest release (available in the Download section) of Salome-Meca 2017 for Windows it is possible to graphically realize a finite element calculation using Code_Aster as a solver and Salome as both as a preprocessor and postprocessor.

While this is still a preliminary work, is it a big step forward in the Code_Aster usage and diffusion in the community.

A description of the new paradigm can be found in this article which includes a video tutorial going from the geometry construction to the result visualization.

The study can be described visually, without writing any special syntax. The underling Code_Aster syntax is still accessible (as one can see in the Information area in the lower left part of the screen):

Boundary conditions and materials can be affected on mesh groups and a preview of the corresponding mesh part is visible:

Code_Aster execution is also automated and its progress (or previous executions) can be monitored by a workflow-like interface:

Results are automatically made available in the Paravis module, in this case a thermal analysis of a pipe structure:

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