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Salome-Meca AsterStudy module running on Windows 10 64-bit

Code_Aster for windows is dedicated to Windows users, interested in using a free software for numerical simulation in structural mechanics. The famous Code_Aster open source software, officially provided for Linux environment only, is rebuild from source there to provide up to date native Windows 64-bit binaries, freely available in our download page.

Code_Aster can be used graphically with the Windows version of the software Salome-Meca and AsterStudy module (see picture above), also available in our download page, or in stand-alone version (see picture below).

Code_Aster running on Windows 10 64-bit

Code_Aster is developed mainly by the “Advanced Mechanical Analysis” department of EDF‘s research and development department (ERMES, ElectRo – MEchanics Studies). ASTER stands for “Analyses des Structures et Thermomécanique pour des Études et des Recherches”, french phrase meaning “Structural Analysis and Thermomechanics for Studies and Research”.

Code_Aster is a solver, based on the theory of the mechanics of the continuous media, which uses the method of the finite elements to solve different types of mechanical, thermal, acoustic, seismic, etc. problems. It is a general software for simulation in mechanics and calculation of structures. Besides the standard functions of simulation software in thermomechanics, Code_Aster has many laws of behavior, finite elements, types of loadings.

This software is widely used in production environments and it is an industrial, state of the art engineering tool that can compare with the main actors in the market. You can download a presentation from the main site.

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