Salome-Meca installer

This short post is about a new packaging for Salome Meca for Windows installer, kindly provided by Kim Ravn-Jensen (thanks Kim!) working at Simxon.

You can get the executable file from our Download page.

After downloading, you only have to run it to get to the first screen:

Then you can skip through the information screen…
unnamed (1)

… all the way to the installation path choice (you can use the default or change it as you wish)
unnamed (2)

The installation should then start and a progress bar will show you where you are (this might take a little since Salome-Meca is quite a big product):
unnamed (3)

As soon as the installation completes, you should get a new item in your Windows applications:
unnamed (4)

In the installation folder, in case you want to check it, you should expect this content:
unnamed (5).png

Of course, you can also uninstall it (it might leave an empty folder behind that you can delete yourself):
unnamed (6).png

One might encounter some unexpected message if the Visual Studio Runtimes are not yet installed (you may fix this by installing the runtimes before running again the installer, please read “I got a side by side error or a missing dll error, what can I do?” in our FAQ page)
unnamed (7).png

In case you are still having unexpected issues, the best thing to do is probably try to contact Kim at Simxon.

Have fun!

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