Crowdfunding call for Salome-Meca 2021 and Code_Aster 15.4 on Windows

Salome-Meca for Windows implementation started on March 2017 with a port of Code_Aster solver first and an integration to the Salome platform then. With dedicated interface AsterStudy, Salome-Meca for Windows has born by the end of 2017!

Since then, we take care of the maintenance: updates, bug fixes, porting modules, so that the community can always access to the last available version. But due to lack of funds, there was no porting in 2020, although the project was a success with its 10,000 downloads per year.

For 2021, several users already volunteered to fund the project:

We have set up a program that may depend on raised funds:

  1. Code_Aster solver 15.4 (and 14.8) on Windows
  2. Salome-Meca platform v2021 on Windows
  3. Code_Aster parallelism on Windows
  4. Advanced features
  5. Maintenance

Please contact us if you wish to become partner for more information about this program!

3 thoughts on “Crowdfunding call for Salome-Meca 2021 and Code_Aster 15.4 on Windows

  1. Dear Maxmilien and All,

    I have not used WSL in Windows yet. But it seems, singularity container is usable there, as discussed in various recent posts in Salome-Meca Installation forum at Also the following link talks about the same:

    However, if crowdfunding route is taken for native-Windows development of SM-2021, then I would like to request to consider MPI version of code-aster to make available. There is already a container with CA-MPI (with PETSC enabled) available (Courtesy Mario and Nicola) at

    Best wishes for successful completion of the project.

    Best regards.


  2. Also it is great to see the logos of the lead players including that of EDF. I suppose, they have already volunteered to be part of crowd-funding .


  3. Well, by simplifying one thing development team of Salome-Meca made it much more difficult to run. I don’t know anyone who is able to run Salome-Meca 2021 under Windows 10 with WSL2. Windows port of Salome-Meca is the right way.


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