Install Salome on Windows

This post shows how to install the salome-platform package on Windows. The same method can be applied to install Salome-Meca for Windows package available in our download page. For Code_Aster Windows standalone package installation, follow this post.

Install Salome for windows

Download Salome for windows from the official salome-platform download page.

Download Salome_Meca for Windows 64-bit

Execute the downloaded file. It will self-extract in a SALOME-x.y.z-WIN64 directory.

Extract Salome_Meca for Windows 64-bit

Test your Salome installation

Go into the extracted directory and into the “WORK” directory. Then execute “run_salome.bat”.

First launch Salome_Meca on Windows 7 64-bit

A cmd window will appear and set up things since Salome is running for the first time, be patient … Then another cmd window will effectively launch Salome.

Salome_Meca launch on Windows 7 64-bit

Finally a graphical environment should appear 🙂

Salome_Meca running on Windows 7 64-bit

5 thoughts on “Install Salome on Windows

  1. Hallo I have a problem with installation of salome-Meca, Can You help me. Describe: ok than I rrunning a run_salome.bat after that I see a progress in comand window a at the moment start a new small window with informations about the problem with VCOMP100.dll (didnt found a object VCOMP100.dll) than i push a OK button and process in comand window is still lauching (++++++++ like that). Two line and in the and I have a informations: “Error during Salome launch” Do You have some advices ? Sorry but I’m a engineer not a programist. It is my first step with Salome and Code_aster.


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