6 thoughts on “New version of Salome-Meca for Windows

  1. Hi, I’ve some problem:
    a) sometimes when I close and reopen a work I get a “Fatal error: ACCESS VIOLATION at address 0x0000000000000000 during ‘READ’ operation”
    b) in AsterStudy, in model definition, when I “AFFE_CARA_ELEM” to a rectangular beam with the four value HY, HZ, EPY, EPZ and click OK in input CARA I obtain an

    “Error: Invalid input in CARA. Do you want to save the changes any way? Y/N/ShowDetails”

    and in details

    What’s wrong?
    Can someone help me?


  2. Sorry, for the previous post … in detail shows

    Raw output message:
    No validator is valid: [“Missing values: [‘H’]”, “Missing values: [‘HZ’]”]



  3. i have a problem .
    Run case “RunCase_1” calculations process started Starting “RunCase_1:Stage_1″… Stage “RunCase_1:Stage_1” start calculation (jobid=0) Copying result u’F:\\tutorial-software\\salome\\hasil-tutorial\\pipa-sambung-aster-hasil.med’ ERROR: Copy failed: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u’F:/tutorial-software/salome/hasil-tutorial/elbow-modification-aster_Files\\RunCase_1\\Result-Stage_1\\pipa-sambung-aster-hasil.med’ 1 result file(s) has(have) not been copied to their destination. Following stages will probably fail. Stage “RunCase_1:Stage_1” calculation failed. Interruption

    what should i do ?


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