ParaView Med for Windows to open Code_Aster results

As demonstrated in a previous post, Salome Paravis module can be used to import Code_Aster rmed results on Windows. Some people showed interest to a standalone ParaView version with Med support as an alternative to Salome. Although official ParaView does not include Med format, the fact of the matter is that it is possible to … Continue reading ParaView Med for Windows to open Code_Aster results

Nastran to Code_Aster : elasto-plastic deformation

This time we will have a look at nonlinear material properties, in particular elasto-plastic behaviour laws. This case is taken from a publicy available example on the internet, but the original source is probably this one, for all due credit. To read this article one will need some knowledge both in Nastran and in Code_Aster. The translation between Nastran … Continue reading Nastran to Code_Aster : elasto-plastic deformation