We offer a range of services (see below) around our Code_Aster for Windows product, freely available in our download page. Please keep in touch and Contact us if you are interested for more informations.

Installation, integration, migration

Code_Aster is a powerful solver, that can be a complete solution in association with Salome, but may also be standalone integrated in your existing framework.

We offer some help to integrate Code_Aster for Windows in your own products, whether you are the final user or a software editor providing solutions to third-party customers.

If you are using some commercial solvers, we offer some help on migration to Code_Aster open-source.

Help with studies, bug fix

Beginners to advanced users, ad hoc support to long term support, we provide full offers to help on structural analysis studies and bug fix.

Our offers contain help to find solutions in case of difficulties encountered using Code_Aster for Windows and also bug fix in case you might found an abnormal behavior or a crash. In the later case, using a ticket-based system, corrections and improvements will be continuously integrated in a public bitbucket branch dedicated to Code_Aster for Windows, and as much as possible, integrated into the official branch.

Developments, customization

Personalization, business tools, GUI, Salome pluggins, Code_Aster macro-commands, Python scripting, low level programing (Fortran, C, C++), let us know about your needs, we may propose an appropriate customized solution.

Already working on a customized Code_Aster or Salome_Meca version on Linux ? We can help to deploy your solutions by rebuilding it on Windows.


If you want to learn about Code_Aster for Windows on your own, a good starting point is to look on our posts. You may also subscribe to follow us, and receive an alert when new versions or important news are available.

Code_Aster official website provide also some training presentations and documentation (beware : machine translated from French language) and its forum can be a valuable source of help, even if sometimes a little bit too technical for beginners. Contact us whenever you are in need or just for a simple question 🙂

Code_Aster for WindowsFinally, you can also find books dealing with Code_Aster: