Nastran to Code_Aster: automatic translation

This is a very short post to describe a tool that can be used for automatic translation between Nastran and Code_Aster: the Vega translator.

It is available as a command line program in our Download section, feel free to give it a try!

Its usage is quite straightforward, you simply have to unzip the archive, enter in the vegaw folder and write in a command prompt:

vegapp --solver-version=stable prob6.dat nastran aster

You should specify a full path to the vegapp.exe executable if you are in a different folder and of course you can specify a different file in place of the prob6.dat used in this example (and included in the archive). The converter will (do its best to) translate and create Code_Aster files:

Nastran study converted to Code_Aster input files on Windows

If the translation is completed without errors you will get a fully working Code_Aster study (mesh and command files included), that you can directly run:

Nastran study run using Code_Aster on Windows

The translator comes from an open source project on GitHub and it is still limited, but its capabilities can be extended and we intend to do so (with better support of the Nastran language or even other solvers).

If you are interested in this, please contact us for more information!

2 thoughts on “Nastran to Code_Aster: automatic translation

    1. Hi Sergio,

      Thank you for your interest. This has been designed as an “universal translator”, meaning that we can add input and output formats, including other solvers. Anyone wishing to participate is welcome, of course! We are also looking for sponsors: it would be much quicker if we could work at it more regularly… ^__^

      Best regards


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