Install Salome and Code_Aster on Windows

On Linux, the official manner to begin with Code_Aster is to download Salome-Meca from the dedicated Salome-Meca web page on the official Code_Aster website, extract the downloaded archive, and then execute the .run self executable that will install a full functional Salome-Meca on your computer 🙂

Unfortunately, Salome-Meca is only available for Linux. This post intend to give a workaround for Windows users, that have no ability, motivation or time to set up a dual boot or a virtual machine …

Based on the fact that Salome-Meca is a custom Salome with additional stuff like Code_Aster, the workaround is then simple :

  1. install the classic Salome, available for windows,
  2. install the Code_Aster for windows provided in the download page.

Install Salome for windows

Download Salome for windows from the official salome-platform download page.

Download Salome_Meca for Windows 64-bit

Execute the downloaded file. It will self-extract in a SALOME-x.y.z-WIN64 directory.

Extract Salome_Meca for Windows 64-bit

Test your Salome installation

Go into the extracted directory and into the “WORK” directory. Then execute “run_salome.bat”.

First launch Salome_Meca on Windows 7 64-bit

A cmd window will appear and set up things since Salome is running for the first time, be patient … Then another cmd window will effectively launch Salome.

Salome_Meca launch on Windows 7 64-bit

Finally a graphical environment should appear 🙂

Salome_Meca running on Windows 7 64-bit

Install Code_Aster for windows

Download Code_Aster for windows provided in the download page.

Code_Aster for Windows 64-bit download page and download link

Right click on the downloaded file and choose “extract all…”.

Extract Code_Aster for Windows 64-bit

Go into the extracted directory and into the “install” directory,  and execute “create_testing_link.bat”, this will create the “testing” symbolic link in your install directory.

Post install Code_Aster on Windows 7 64-bit

Test your Code_Aster installation

Open a cmd prompt, you can find it from the start menu by typing “cmd” in the search bar.

Open a cmd to run Code_Aster on Windows 7 64-bit

Navigate into the extracted Code_Aster directory with the console and run :

install\bin\as_run.bat --test forma01a

Launch as_run.bat to test Code_Aster for Windows installation on Windows 7 64-bit

Code_Aster will run the predefined testcase forma01a from the testing\tests directory, it should display at the end:


Code_Aster for Windows successfully installed and running on Windows 7 64-bit


Once Salome and Code_Aster successfully run on Windows, the post Beginning with Salome and Code_Aster for Windows provide a first step by step example. Then it is possible to retrieve part of the Salome-Meca tutorials to deal with more advanced feature on Code_Aster for Windows.

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